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Affordable Website Designs for All Marine Related Services which Includes Sport Fishing Charters, Guides, and Lodges for All Regions Worldwide.

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A recently completed website for Bay Hog Charters in Maryland.

Affordable Website Designs and Marine Related Web Sites, fishing charters, guide businesses, and outdoors related websites designed, built, and optimized to highlight your business. Basic sites to high end website designs, we can design and build you a website that will rank extremely high in the search engines which will expose your business to millions of sportsmen and customers that until now were unreachable through traditional advertising means.

10 years ago who knew that even fishing, hunting, and outdoors related businesses would join the digital world and move their businesses online? Not many, but the ones that do have websites are the businesses that are usually leading the pack in their particular regions and niches. How many of your customers ask you if you have a website? Usually that is one of their first questions which should be telling you to invest in your business and go online now.

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We Build Websites for any Small Business

*Notice - Although marine related websites are our niche as that is the area we started in some 10 years ago we also design and build websites for all industries. We design, build, and optimize quality websites for B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), specialty sites, and just about any website design idea you can think up.

"Build It and They Will Come", NOT Without TOP SEO! - A Common Website Problem

Do you already have a website? And when you built it did you believe boat loads of business was coming your way? And when the new customers didn't show up like you expected were you a bit disappointed?

It's a common website problem I hear from nearly every customer that did their own website design or has a do it yourself low budget website without proper search engine optimization. They thought having a website was the key to a successful business and that new customers would come in from around the globe. They had high hopes, they set their expectations high and then were extremely disappointed when all the new customers they expected didn't show up.

If this sounds familar then we can help. We can fix your website issues, restore your faith in the internet, and show you the Real Power of the Web. Not only can we build you a nice looking site but I can also use my proven search engine optimization techniques to properly optimize your new site so it's conducent to very high rankings on the 3 major search engines; Google, MSN, & Yahoo.
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Why Tight Line is the best pick to build your fishing or marine related website.

We are anglers, hunters, and outdoor sportsmen. We grew up fishing in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia Beach, VA, still fish and passionately love to be in the outdoors. It only seemed natural to combine our search engine optimization and website design service with our passion for the outdoors. It made a perfect fit and because we know fishing and the outdoors we have a leg up on our competition when it comes to writing content and presenting your fishing business to your customers.

That's not to say we don't enjoy web site design for businesses that are not marine related because we do and we are a design firm that builds all types and styles of websites for a wide range of industries, we have just made marine related websites our specialty.

In addition to professional web site design we offer:

Website Design and other Services
  • Website Design and Development
  • Website Redesign and Remodeling
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Marketing Services
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Website Hosting
  • Graphic Design - Logos and Banners
  • Link Campaigns
  • Website Maintenance
  • SEO Consultations Via Telephone

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Fishing Captain's Website Package
Fishing Captain's Special

See our special turnkey website package specifically put together for charter and guide businesses. The Fishing Captain's Website Package includes complete website design, website construction, search engine optimization, and hosting.

The Captain's Package also includes fishing reports, picture gallery, reservation form and everything you need to attract customers and book them for a trip and all for a budget web design price.
See the Fishing Captain's Website Special.

Website Hosting Packages

Reliable Hosting Services
Website Hosting Plans

Website hosting services are also offered by Tight Line. We take care of everything with site design, site construction, complete search optimization, and our own hosting services so we can manage all aspects of your new website.
   See our current
website hosting plans.

Currently we offer two great hosting plans. We offer what is called the Captain's plan and the Captain's Plus plan for websites that may be a bit larger with heavier traffic.

Search Engine Optimization
Website Optimization Techniques

Once your site is built you are only halfway to success. You may have one of the nicest looking and well built websites online but without a search engine optimization plan your site will be virtually invisible to the online community.

  1. 60% of searchers only go to page 1 of the search results.
  2. Only 20% of searchers will go to page two but stop there.
  3. Only 15% more will make it to page three of the search results.
  4. That only leaves 5% that will go to page 4 and beyond.

With facts like those anybody can see that a site sitting lower than page 1 or 2 is doomed to spend it's time online in relative obscurity. But with my proven and highly effective search engine optimization techniques you can watch your site rise through the search engine ranks as traffic builds and builds and like the bar graph, your sales increase month after month after month.

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"Let me show you the real power of the web."
Joe Dodd

NOTE: Worldwide Web Design Coverage

We cater to all regions, anywhere in the world from Florida to New York to California. We offer our services to all businesses. And of course we build sport fishing websites for all fishing areas with web designs in all the major sportfishing states like Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, to Alaska, and the rest of the USA, Canada, Mexico, and other international locations.


Sport Fishing Website Design **Captains Special**
Checkout a package deal for Captain's and Guides.

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