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SEO has Changed. It Was Fun While it Lasted, But it’s Time to Reconsider Your Approach to Virginia Beach Search Engine Optimization

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If you have used search engine optimization to generate more business then it is possible you are frustrated with the latest updates by Google, mainly the Penguin 2.1 update and the Hummingbird update.

If you are frustrated with your website’s performance issues in the search engines then you are certainly not alone. Well take note, you aren’t the only one seeking a new website optimization strategy because many websites have completely disappeared from the rankings leaving business owners in a panic.

But not to worry, your website can come back to prominence with a professional optimizing service and with Google’s new algorithms in play. However you need to begin a new SEO strategy right away, because it still takes many months to get your site to the top of the search engine rankings. Virginia Beach SEO will bring your business site to the top of Google.

What is Virginia Beach Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Virginia Beach search engine optimization, SEO for short is the practice of applying different optimizing techniques to your website. In turn search engines like Google will look favorably upon your business thus ranking it higher in the search results over your competitors. For example if your business is a Florida plumbing service then we would apply our own methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics to your website so it will rank on page one, beating out your competition. The process would continue for as many keyword phrases as possible that apply to your business.

Google’s most recent Algorithm updates didn’t change the rules because the rules have always been there. What the updates really did was to make the existing rules enforceable so much so that once well ranking sites were severely punished with penalties and loss of once great rankings.

If you’ve used an optimization service before to get rankings and to generate traffic to your website, then you likely received simple back links from other sites that used your chosen keywords as the anchor text. We all did it because that was the accepted practice for SEO at the time, and everyone benefitted.

You may have been caught up in those old linking practices and your business could be feeling the pinch. Now Google is requiring more from backlinks. Links must have context instead of links based only on your keywords phrases.

How Important is Search Engine Optimization?

Proper Virginia Beach search engine optimization and front page rankings for your major keyword phrases are so important these days that it can absolutely mean the difference between success and failure of your online business. The difference measured in website traffic for a well ranked website and a poorly ranked website can be tremendous. It can mean the difference of just a few visitors to hundreds or more visitors per day.

Optimizing a website so it moves to the highest possible rank and maintains that rank is not an easy task today. At one time a knowledgeable site owner could do the things needed to rank well on the search engines. But search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN have made major strides and have advanced so much that a professional SEO service is a must to ensure page one rankings.

You may have a great looking well built website but without a quality Virginia Beach search engine optimization plan your site will be virtually invisible to the most important people of the online community, your customers. You can’t let your business falter online and your SEO must be thought of as a completely necessary investment, one of the wisest business investments you can make.

How business search breaks down:

  1. 65% of searchers only go to page 1 of the search results.
  2. Only 20% of searchers will go to page two but stop there.
  3. Only 10% more will make it to page three or beyond.
  4. That only leaves 5% that will find your site another way, word of mouth, links, etc.

Clean and Ethical Search Engine Optimization Methods

SEO Ethics Graphic

There are many sneaky tricks search engines do not approve of that can be used to rank your site higher. We will never use these “black hat” tactics. First of all it is not proven that they really work as well as properly planned and implemented ethical optimization and second of all it will get your website flat out banned from the search rankings when they catch it. We have always used search engine optimization methods that are completely within Google, Bing, and Yahoo guidelines.

Search Engine Optimization Experts You Can Depend On

Our goal is to deliver quality search results in a timely manner. It is a great feeling to see your website climb the search mountain to page one of Google for your most competitive keyword phrases. We experience that great feeling, the feeling of having accomplished a major goal everytime one of our client sites reaches the top of the search engines. And that is the goal we strive for with every website we optimize.

We are not a overly large web company that charges outrageous prices. We take pride in our work and we charge a fair price for it. We don’t over extend ourselves by taking on too much work as that is a recipe for poor customer service. We stay busy but we also have time to give you personal service that we would demand ourselves. We take time to talk to you, to tell you what to expect, and to answer any questions you may have concerning your website optimization. You are spending money for a service and you deserve the best product and service we have to give.

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